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Hilton Head Island, S.C., finished with two champions in the 2022 USTA League Adult 55 & Over Southern Sectional Championships. USTA Southern crowned eight champions in matches were played Sept. 16-18 at the Burns Park Tennis Center in North Little Rock, Ark.

There were more than 650 players on 38 women’s and 34 men’s teams at the tournament.

Also with strong results were two other cities: Little Rock, Ark., and Memphis, Tenn.  They had two finalists each. South Carolina teams won all three of finals played. North Carolina was victorious in two finals while Tennessee had a champion and two runner-ups. 

Champions and finalists were:

Hometown - Captain/s
Hometown – Captain/s
in final or *round robin
Men's 3.0Jackson, Miss.
Phillip Pace
Lake Charles, La.
Jay Maust
Men's 3.5Southport, N.C.
Rodney Payne/
James Parker
Coosa Valley, Ga. (A)
J. David Smith
Men's 4.0Atlanta, Ga.
Tom Denmark
Pine Belt, Miss.
Mitch Rayborn
Men's 9.0 combinedHilton Head Island, S.C.
Daniel Lieberman
Little Rock, Ark.
Lanny Landis
Women's 3.0Nashville, Tenn. (A)
Laurie Farris
Memphis, Tenn. (B)
Debbie Churchey
Women's 3.5Matthews, N.C.
Karen Foster
Lafayette, La. (A)
Carla Moylan
Women's 4.0Rock Hill, S.C.
Shannon Pierle
Memphis, Tenn. (B)
Wendy Ansbro/
Katharine Schuler
Women's 9.0 combinedHilton Head Island, S.C.
Lori Bergmann/
Cindy Vander Berg
Little Rock, Ark.
Tamara McColey