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Copeland-Cox Mobile Tennis Center
Tournament headquarters
851 Gaillard Drive
Mobile, AL 36608

Because of the size of this facility (60 courts), we split the facility into four sections: A, B, C & D.

  • The A & B sections are on the east side of Gaillard Drive, with the newer courts.
  • C & D are on the west side of Gaillard Drive, behind the clubhouse.

Cottage Hill Park / Medal of Honor Park
These courts will be used for numerous matches.
1711 Hillcrest Rd, Cottage Hill Park, Mobile, AL 36695
Practice & Back-up Courts

Lyons Park
Lyons Park will be our back-up courts and can use used to warmup, when available. (5 courts)
180 Lyons Park Avenue, Mobile, AL 36604

Seals/Texas Street
Seals/Texas Street has (4) brand new courts for warmup, when available.
540 Texas St, Mobile, AL 36603